About us


EGLOBAL, Engenharia Global, Lda., is a company that provides its clients with high-quality, all-round, coordinated solutions in all the areas of engineering required in a construction project. It is the fruit of the merger of three companies that are specialised but complementary in terms of services offered. It has more than 20 years' experience of engineering projects and a long history of teamwork. EGLOBAL INTERNACIONAL, Engenharia Lda was set up three years ago to focus on the international market.

The curriculum of EGLOBAL and the companies that formed it boasts more than 2,000 projects, including residential buildings, offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, industrial units, workshops, zoning, service buildings, barracks, churches, museums, etc.

In Africa and South-America we are represented by three separated companies, Angola Mozambique and Brazil.

Luanda - ENGIGLOBE, Engenharia Global, Lda.